Constitution & Committee

The development and strategic direction of AM Soccer Club is overseen by a Management Committee comprising of elected members from the membership of the Club.  It is the role of the Committee to support and promote the vision and values of AM Soccer Club.

The elected roles and terms of office within the Management Committee are as follows:

  • Chair – 3 years
  • Founding Life Time Member
  • Secretary – 2 years
  • Treasurer – 2 years
  • Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer – 2 years
  • Head Coach – 3 years
  • Parent Representatives x 3 - annually

The staggered terms of office are to ensure there is continuity within the Club’s governance structure.  Officials are eligible for re-election beyond the stated term.

The Management Committee is supported by the Finance Sub Committee and the Football Development Sub Group with each providing a summary report to the Management Committee meetings.

An Annual General Meeting will be held in May/June of each year, within 12 weeks of the financial Year End to which all members will be invited to attend.

To view the Club Constitution, please click here