It’s such a rewarding experience to watch the children develop confidence, improved attention span and motor skills in each term. Fostering a love of the game at an early age can also lead to so many positive experiences throughout life.

Adam MacArthurCoach

AM Soccer One

AM Soccer One is an indoor class, delivered specifically to young players in Primary one at school.

At this early stage in the AM Soccer player pathway, the children will be showing improved attention span and will understand the details involved in developing their technical skills with the ball. Coaches deliver sessions using themes from the AM Soccer curriculum to improve key skills such as releasing, receiving and dribbling the ball.

The children will also participate in small sided games, as their awareness and ability to communicate and share the ball continues to develop.

In line with the players’ improved attention span, this class extends to 75 minutes in duration.

When are the classes held?

Fridays at Elmwood College, Cupar
Sundays at Cosmos Centre, St Andrews

How do I book a place for my child?

For further enquiries, or to sign up for a class,
please email or call
01334 657790