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Since establishing AM Soccer Club in 2006, and latterly AMS as a charitable foundation in 2015, each year has seen our level of activity and impact within the local community grow. 

While of course AMS was founded from the AM Soccer Club, we attained charitable status in 2015 to reflect our role in delivering wider community and social value through football. Since then, we’ve grown our programmes into the three strands of: AM Soccer Club, AM Special Needs programme and AM Seniors aiming to relief those in need, advance healthcare, education and community development through football.

The last two years have seen these aspects of our work continue to go from strength to strength we were also very pleased to develop a new strand of activity in the form of our Women and Girls programme which we’ve developed in line with the organisation’s ethos of providing sport for all.

That’s why we’re asking our members and supporters to help us continue growing our impact within the community by fundraising for us at this year’s 2018 Kiltwalk.

However, with one of our core objectives being to help relief those in need we also want to ensure our efforts help others less fortunate which is why we’re proud to say we’ll be also be supporting Cupar Foodbank in the process, contributing 35% of the funds raised to the organisation. Since opening in 2014, Cupar Foodbank has helped feed over 4000 people and supplied over 48000 meals. Funds raised via the AMS Kiltwalk will help them to continue feeding the local community which although this should be a basic human right, constant action is still required to ensure essential human needs are met in our community.

A quarter of the money raised through participations of the Kiltwalk will also go towards the player's respective AM Soccer Club team. 

Kiltwalk is a unique charity that enables people to raise money for a Scottish charity of their choice. Thanks to the philanthropy of Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation, groups fundraising are able to benefit from 140% of the money they raise with Kiltwalker’s fundraising receiving an extra 40% donation. So if you raise £100 for your chosen charity, they will receive £140.

The AMS team member who raises the most money for AMS and Cupar Foodbank via the Kiltwalk will win tickets to an SPFL match of their choice (where available). This will based on the highest total listed on the Kiltwalk official website. 

The Kiltwalk takes place on the 19th of August in Dundee and individuals can sign up and select AMS as their charitable cause here!

-- UPDATE --

The club have recently received a number of questions about the Kiltwalk and so have produced a basic Q&A: 

Q: Is the Kiltwalk mandatory for members to participate in?

A: No. In the past some teams have participated in the Kiltwalk but this year the club as a whole was keen to take part to bring its various teams together and support ours, our team's and local causes' work. 

Q: How will the money raised be spent?

A: There will be a breakdown in how funds raised through the event will be divided. The following percentages are based on the 140% AMS will receive from participating in the Kiltwalk.

The club recongises the huge fundraising teams undertake throughout the year - while 35% of money raised will go directly into the members' respective teams, AMS were keen to participate in the Kiltwalk to support some of our broader work in and around the community. This includes our Walking Football programme, AM Special Needs programme and our newer activities such as our Women and Games programme. To support this, AMS will receive 70% of the funds raised. We also wanted to be able to support a local charity in the form of Cupar Foodbank who will also receive 30% of money raised through the event. 

Q: Is there a minimum amount individuals are expected to raise?

A: No. The club recognises that the entry fee alone is no small fee (£30) and would be happy to have as many individuals and teams involved, regardless of the end amount raised. 

Please visit the Kiltwalk website for more information on the day.