Vote for AMS in the AVIVA Community Awards

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We’re pleased to confirm that our AM Special Needs project has been approved to go through to the AVIVA Community Fund public vote which is now open! 

You can help AMS win funding to develop our sport and physical activity pilot project sessions tailored for people with additional support.

AMS started life as A M Soccer Club and has developed a 500 strong membership of those participating in Soccer. For the last 6 years AMS has also extended it's skills into additional roles helping the Elderly, Small Rural communities and now the disabled keep fit & stretch/extend their capacity.

The pilot will undertake the following:

• A stay and play concept - where there will be opportunity for individual and groups of participants to develop physical fitness, potentially acquire sports skills and techniques within their capacity or to just join the group, and enjoy their own level of participation.
• A share and play concept – where carers join in the activities. While serving the disabled participants, we will also use this concept to prepare the carers for extra curricular activities frequently as family engagement in this area, by providing techniques and models to develop and use between sessions with us and in the longer term.
• A social outing concept – where groups visit or undertake an outing which they will collectively enjoy. This may span a number of different themes involving, for example, a group attending a sports match, or attending a highland games day, or visiting and stretching their experience in a different activity beyond the range available in our immediate locale.


ABOUT THE FUND - The Aviva Community Fund offers you the chance to get funding for causes important to your community. Worthy projects come in all shapes and sizes. Because of that, we believe the best way to support lots of good causes is to share the funding among both large and small projects. If our project gets enough votes and wows the judges, it will be in with a chance of getting those much-needed funds, so please do spare just one minute to help support the cause!

Why vote? - Almost everyone has come into contact with a disabled person and can understand how difficult it is to present a challenge, particularly to the learning disabled. We have seen learning disabled children that we have supported within the school education environment become inspired by this type of activity, however, while the education system is required to attempt to provide health and fitness activities, beyond school age there is no equivalent official requirement - a gap we propose to fill with these sessions. We ask that voters support this project to help this group get the health and fitness activity that everyone needs.

HOW DO I VOTE? - You can vote for AMS in the AVIVA Community Fund here